Moshang: Suncake Lounge 1

Moshang: Suncake Lounge 1
Title: Suncake Lounge 1
Label: CD Baby

Chris Bailey and I first met in 2005 when we performed together at the Taichung Jazz Festival - the ensemble was called Rhythm Clowns and with the exception of the local drummer, we were all foreigners living in Taiwan. It was a rather last minute affair, and I believe we had a single afternoon rehearsal before the show in the evening. It was such a whirlwind experience that Chris and I never really got to know each other. If we had, this album might have happened a lot sooner. I guess we let time slip. Almost three years later in May of 2008, Chris and I were invited to play together at the opening of Mojo Retro, a coffee-shop and live music venue near the Taichung Art Museum. After our mutual surprise to learn that the other was still around and had been here all this time, we fell into easy conversation and happily we were able to continue that free exchange in our playing. We took a conscious decision not to censor ourselves on this album, but rather to play off each other, to borrow from each other's vocabulary, to let the notes fall where they may, and hopefully to share the pleasure we derive from this simple act of communicating. Since we owe a debt of gratitude to the city that brought us together and that we now call home, Suncake Lounge derives it's name from the pastry associated with Taichung. As the "vol.1" in the title implies, Chris and I intend to continue the conversation in future editions, and to invite in the musical points of view of friends in Taiwan and abroad. MoShang • Taichung, March 2009 Chris Bailey: Chris Bailey is an electric guitarist living in Taiwan. He honed his skills on his instrument playing in late night blues clubs throughout Australia during the 90's. At the age of twenty-two, as a birthday present, he joined touring Aussie blues band 'Buzz & The Blues Band'. After touring extensively with this band for four years, he left to pursue his interests in Eastern culture and languages. While regarded as being primarily a blues guitarist, his eclectic tastes in music shine through when he plugs in, and steps on stage. He brings a unique sound, energy and feeling to all of his musical expeditions. Not to be missed! MoShang: Originally from South Africa, sound jeweler MoShang has been living in Taiwan since 2003 and became a "son-in-law of Taiwan" in 2009. He has released four full-length albums and an EP and has been featured on a number of compilation- and collaboration-albums. He is responsible for the Live Online Podcast in which he shares one of his live performances each week for free download. He has won a South African award for his music to a short-film, his music has been featured on the Discovery Channel, and one of his tracks is currently being distributed internationally with the Ubuntu operating system.

1.1 Into the Soft Underbelly
1.2 Things She Found in Gift Shops
1.3 Crime, Cruelty, Soft Music
1.4 The Spiritual Equivalent of Oxygen

Moshang: Suncake Lounge 1

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