Moss Icon: Complete Discography

Moss Icon: Complete Discography
Title: Complete Discography
Label: Temporary Residence

In the mid-late 1980s, Moss Icon pioneered a progressive, highly emotive sound that stood in stark contrast to just about everything even remotely considered punk-rock at the time. In retrospect, they more resembled an inspired marriage of the bleak post-punk leanings of Joy Division with the raucous riffage of the Wipers, albeit considerably less accessible thanks to Moss Icon's more sinister tone, exploratory arrangements, and frontman Jonathan Vance's almost stream-of-conscious sociopolitical rampages.

1.1 Mirror
1.2 I'm Back Sleeping, or Fucking, or Something
1.3 Divinity Cove
1.4 Locket
1.5 As Afterwards the Words Still Ring
1.6 Lyburnum Wit's End (Liberation Fly)
1.7 Cricketty Rise (Haverton Roads Browns and Greens)
1.8 Happy (Unbounded Glory)
2.1 The Life
2.2 Kick the Can
2.3 Memorial
2.4 Moth
2.5 Guatemala
2.6 Gravity
2.7 As Afterwards the Words Still Ring
2.8 Familiar Presides
2.9 Hate in Me
2.10 What They Lack
2.11 Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die

Moss Icon: Complete Discography

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