Mother Shipton

Mother Shipton: Swimsuit Parts

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mother Shipton

Title: Swimsuit Parts
Label: CD Baby

Since forming in 2012, MOTHER SHIPTON has brought on board a wide array of musicians, collaborating together to bring you the tumultuous rock monolith that stands before you today. The sounds you hear now hearken back to the old days of gritty blues rock and smoke-filled nightclubs, of whiskey dream nights and bad luck days. Drawing on the raw power of the soul, Mother Shipton brings you a raucous live show that takes the crowd careening through space and time; a smattering of massive drum beats made glorious with ferocious bass lines, uproarious guitar riffs reaching toward heavens light, abetted with ghostly chanting vocal melodies. Breath in both the joy and the pain, and join us on our adventure!

1.1 Holy Roller
1.2 Evergreen
1.3 Bloody Duchess
1.4 Spirit
1.5 Song About Sex
1.6 Representation of a Transformation
1.7 Pursuit of Sushi
1.8 Mountain
1.9 Thousand Year Blues

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