Motorama: Poverty

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Artist: Motorama

Artist: Motorama
Title: Poverty
Product Type: VINYL LP

Prior to their second album Calendar (2012), Motorama was a wonderfully kept secret. From the city of Rostov-on-Don, Southern Russia, the band was producing a Manchester-inspired cold wave, icy and hypnotic. Before long, their compositions gained in clarity, lyricism and assurance: The prominent rock of the early recordings now opening it's doors to a romantic and melodic pop. White vinyl. Includes printed inner sleeve.

1.1 Corona
1.2 Dispersed Energy
1.3 Red Drop
1.4 Heavy Wave
1.5 Impractical Advice
1.6 Lottery
1.7 Old
1.8 Similar Way
1.9 Stand In My Way
1.10 Write To Me

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