Mott: Gooseberry Sessions & Rarities

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mott

Title: Gooseberry Sessions & Rarities
Label: Angel Air

Previously unreleased live tracks, BBC recordings, etc. Including 1975's Gooseberry Demos & Auditions, 1976's KristmasKollection and 5 tracks of the legendary Paper Bags. 22 tracks in all with a 16 page booklet with color photos and extensive liner notes. 2000 release.

1.1 Love Now
1.2 Love Me Always
1.3 Hey! There, Annie
1.4 The Bright Days
1.5 !Gyp!
1.6 Shout It All Out
1.7 Leave My Woman Alone
1.8 I'll Tell You Something
1.9 Did I Dream Last Night?
1.10 She Does It
1.11 Shout It All Out
1.12 I'll Tell You Something
1.13 Krazy Kristmas Krackers
1.14 Pass the Port, Gramps
1.15 The Million Ton Snowflake
1.16 Golders Green (Stomp)
1.17 The Spook Meets the Kook
1.18 Massacre
1.19 Let's Rat
1.20 'Ave a Marie
1.21 Broadstairs Beach
1.22 Holmes on the Rage
1.23 [Untitled]

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