Mpire of Evil

Mpire of Evil: Hell to the Holy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mpire of Evil

Title: Hell to the Holy
Label: Scarlet Records

2012 release from this band featuring Venom legends Mantas, Antton and Demolition Man. Featuring 10 brand-new songs combining Mantas' thunderous riffs, a huge rhythm section and Dolan's abrasive vocals. Featuring stunning cover artwork by Gyula Havancsák (Annihilator, Destruction, Grave Digger). Available in a luxury digipack edition including band poster. The CD features cover versions of four songs that influenced the members of the band ('Exciter' by Judas Priest, 'God of Thunder' by Kiss, 'Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be' by AC/DC and 'Motörhead' by Motörhead) plus two brand new original tracks, 'Creatures of the Black' and 'Reptile'. Hell to the Holy is without any doubts a "must have" album for 2012.

1.1 Hellspawn
1.2 Metal Messiah
1.3 Wake Up Dead
1.4 Hell to the Holy
1.5 The Snake Pit
1.6 All Hail
1.7 Devil
1.8 Shockwave
1.9 The 8th Gate
1.10 M-Pire (Prelude)

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