Mr. Billy

Mr. Billy: Can You Dig It?

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mr. Billy

Title: Can You Dig It?
Label: CD Baby

Classic rock and 1980's sounding kids songs about things underground and in the dirt. Inspired by the 2013 Library summer reading theme 'Dig into Reading'.

1.1 Pirate Treasure
1.2 Hop Like a Bunny
1.3 Can You Dig It?
1.4 Working in a Coal Mine
1.5 Alien Worm Invasion
1.6 I Want to Be a Paleontologist
1.7 Underground Infrastructure
1.8 Joel the Mole
1.9 Mudcake Restaurant
1.10 What Is An Aquifer?
1.11 Just Dig in
1.12 Furry Fuzzy Weatherman

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