Mr. Blink

Mr. Blink: Free & Loafing in la Crosse

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Artist: Mr. Blink

Artist: Mr. Blink
Title: Free & Loafing in la Crosse

An collection of songs rolling out of La Crosse, Wisconsin with a flow like Old Man River. Some of the best guitarists in town add spice to the songs and the song writing is true Americana. A feel good roots vibe that sounds good in all seasons.

1.1 Rivertown
1.2 Scratch Shot
1.3 Lucinda
1.4 Give Me My Poison
1.5 All Downhill from There
1.6 Victory
1.7 Flying High
1.8 Kiss You in the Coulee Region
1.9 Ain't I a Woman?
1.10 It's About Time
1.11 Wisconsin Small Town Polka
1.12 Ain't No Saint
1.13 Farm for Sale
1.14 Stupid City

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