Mr Palindrome: Smiley Face Sticker

Mr Palindrome: Smiley Face Sticker
Title: Smiley Face Sticker
Label: CD Baby

What is this music? This is an album for kids as well as anybody who's ever been one. Mr. Palindrome's melodious stories are so catchy, that it's quite possible you'll catch a cold just listening! NB This album sounds best at NOON, 11:11 or in the EVE & at any volume LEVEL. What's on the album? Let me give you the quick version: Smiley Face Sticker ~ A story about what a smiley face sticker gets up to when it loses it's stick Backwards Alphabet ~ Explanation of a 'palindrome' using the alphabet sung backwards and forwards as an example Mr. Balloon ~ About a balloon, who plays the bassoon, with a silver spoon, all afternoon... and other oddly characters My Ability (The Pencil and Eraser Song) ~ The real relationship between pencils and their rival erasers, and how they'd be nothing without each other's ability Alove Alliteration ~ A whole song that contains only words starting with the letter A What Word Rhymes With One? ~ The trials and tribulations of finding a word that rhymes with 'one' Onomatopoeia (ON-O-MAT-A-PEE-YAH) ~ A song about what on earth that is The Real Adventures of Incy Wincy Spider ~ The real account of the tale mum and dad used to sing to us The Palindrome Song ~ An exploration of the nonsense that are palindromes Who Folded the Moon in Half ~ Dedicated to my daughter, this lullaby-like song uses imaginative imagery to explore the eternal 'wonder' that goes on in my brain as a new dad. Who's playing on the album? VOCALS / KEYS Natan Kuchar BASS Jonathan Zwartz DRUMS Hamish Stuart GUITAR Chris Vallejo KIDS Temima, Libby, Boaz, Elchanan, Esther, Seth, Orla, Rafi, Dov, Ariel Tell me more! Please? Recorded at Linear Recording ENGINEER Chris Vallejo MIX Chris Vallejo & Natan Kuchar MASTERING The Butler.

1.1 Smiley Face Sticker
1.2 Backwards Alphabet
1.3 Mr. Balloon
1.4 My Ability (The Pencil ; Eraser Song)
1.5 Alove Alliteration
1.6 What Word Rhymes with One?
1.7 Onomatopoeia (On-O-Mat-A-Pee-Yah)
1.8 The Real Adventures of Incy Wincy Spider
1.9 The Palindrome Song
1.10 Who Folded the Moon in Half?

Mr Palindrome: Smiley Face Sticker

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