Mr. Richard

Mr. Richard: Backyard Astronauts

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mr. Richard

Title: Backyard Astronauts
Label: CD Baby

'full of witty childhood stuff'--Out With The Kids '...musical earworm(s)'s his best album yet' --Zooglobble Jangly pop-rock from Orlando's Mr Richard and the Pound Hounds, Comprised of mixing the Kinks, the Who, and Apples In Stereo with the Banana Splits, Lancelot Link & the Evolution Revolution, and Josie & the Pussycats for dancing kids everywhere, with songs about the garbage man, the 5-Second Rule, and good towels. Cool artwork by David Buckley.

1.1 Kids Gotta Rock!
1.2 Garbage Man
1.3 5-Second Rule
1.4 Birthday Wish
1.5 The Good Towels
1.6 Our Rocketship
1.7 How Flowers Change the World
1.8 Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
1.9 Turn That Turtle Around
1.10 The Groundhog's Lament
1.11 Mockingbird
1.12 When Mom Sings

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