Msm Schmidt: Evolution

Msm Schmidt: Evolution
Title: Evolution
Label: Sireena Records

I wanted to share some thoughts about working on this project with Michael and Jimmy. I am happy to be again part of the team for my fourth outing with Michael's music. The process of realizing this music is quite a journey and I am always amazed at the vision that Michael possesses. On this project, I was placed in the co-producer role with Jimmy Haslip. "Team Amerika" we called ourselves first jokingly and somehow it stuck. His talents go way beyond his bass expertise; he has such a positive vibe that every session he attends becomes a joyous occasion. We had a lot of fun working on this project and I am grateful to get to know Jimmy a bit better than before. I was also given the task of mixing some of the tracks. Is version 27b really better than 26a? I thank my son Ellis whose young ears and quick mind was a great help to me. To all the musicians who participated I bow my head in gratitude. What to do with all the reams of paper? Some of the scores were 30 pages long. Next project, iPads for everyone! I believe Michael Schmidt to be a true visionary. His dedication, talent, and patience are so inspiring to me. Thanks for inviting me to the party. I trust that you will enjoy listening to these tracks. Mitchel Forman, Simi Valley, California, Feb.2012.

1.1 Swing Your Troubles Away
1.2 Too Much Traffic
1.3 E.S.P
1.4 Nexus
1.5 From Nine to Ten
1.6 Return of the Blade Runner
1.7 Not from This World
1.8 One Step Forward, Three Steps Back
1.9 E.S.P. Revisited
1.10 Flashlight
1.11 Clark Kent Versus Secret Insurance Agent

Msm Schmidt: Evolution

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