Mt. Fujitive

Mt. Fujitive: Ventures

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Artist: Mt. Fujitive

Artist: Mt. Fujitive
Title: Ventures
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Mt. Fujitive is one of a kind, using beautiful sounds to create dreams you don't need to wake up from. Dive slowly with tranquility into this world of pitched guitars and pianos, crunched drums and subtly basses. You will end at a bus stop in the middle of a colorful world where turismo will stop by and carry you away. Go down, go deep, go beat.

1.1 Tranquil
1.2 Turismo
1.3 Cansado
1.4 Trees
1.5 Breakfast
1.6 Nieve
1.7 Draumur (Skit 1)
1.8 Kuma
1.10 Gnomes
1.11 Waterfall
1.12 Daze
1.13 Brise
1.14 Vista (Skit 2)
1.15 Time for Tea
1.16 Please Do
1.17 Goodbye

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