Mu-Ziq: Xtep

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Artist: Mu-Ziq

Artist: Mu-Ziq
Title: Xtep
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Twelve inch vinyl pressing of this 2013 single. Mike Paradinas's µ-Ziq solo project has been quiet for a while. However, with 'XTEP', he makes a welcome return from hiatus, delivering a gentle taster for the 2013 µ-Ziq album due this summer. In stark contrast to a large percentage of his previous work, XTEP is joyous all the way through. These five compositions abandon the furrow-browed quest for cutting-edge exploration, exchanging it for an altogether more carefree and fun approach, with only the footwork-influenced 'Monj2' directly referencing any current electronic influences.

1.1 XT
1.2 Ritm
1.3 Pulsar
1.4 Monj2
1.5 New Bimple

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