Multicast: Rural Sessions

Multicast: Rural Sessions
Title: Rural Sessions
Label: Obliq

2019 release. From the rural outposts of Colorado return Obliq Recording artists' Multicast with a long awaited release. The Multicast boys have been in the studio for almost a year now recording Rural Sessions and the word around the Obliq office is it was well worth the wait. This is a 74-minute excursion into expansive soundscapes, head-nodding rhythms, counter melodies and spot-on improvisational electronics. Rural Sessions takes a rather refreshing approach to leftfield electronic music, doing away with glitch based DSP programming and falls more into territories of improvisation and session based recording, incorporating DIY analog sound sources with digital synthesis. This should surely please listeners familiar with sounds close encounters of the musical variety like contemporary electronic artists and labels such as Suction, L'uisine, Eno, Nonplace Urban Fields, Tortoise, and City-Centre-Offices; but Multicast ups the ante bringing melody back to the fore like a modern Global Communication in the wrestling-ring smacking down Boards of Canada.

1.1 Phosphene
1.2 Mr. Hz (Takes A Jazz Break)
1.3 Tropcalada
1.4 Ballerica
1.5 La Honda
1.6 Way Station
1.7 Calisto (Solar Sailor)
1.8 Laura (Reprise)

Multicast: Rural Sessions

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