Murs & 9th Wonder

Murs & 9th Wonder: Brighter Daze

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Brighter Daze
Label: Murs 316
Product Type: VINYL LP

A previously unreleased album from Murs & 9th Wonder, Brighter Daze was released digitally on 7/19/19. The album features Problem, Rapsody, and more and was critically and fan acclaimed when it was released.

1.1 The Battle
1.2 God Black / Black God
1.3 How to Rob with Rob
1.4 Lover Murs
1.5 Get Naked (Feat. Problem)
1.6 The Shutters (Feat. Reuben Vincent ; Bad Lucc)
1.7 Wait... Back It Up
1.8 If This Should End ?
1.9 Walk Like a God (Feat. Rapsody ; Propaganda)
1.10 Otha Fish
1.11 Murs Superstar

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