Music From the Jar

Music From the Jar: Once Upon a Life

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Artist: Music From the Jar
Title: Once Upon a Life

Although not consciously realizing it at the time, I grew up with my parents listening to all of the great 70's rock bands like Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Bad Co. And many of the artists of that genre, which I love so much to this day. By middle school I started playing drums and discovered RUSH and have loved them ever since. I never became Neil Peart on the drums, I have never been a guitar virtuoso, and I can sing, but I hardly consider myself vocally gifted. As time has passed, I realized my strong-point was songwriting, writing a good hook, and crafting songs that will stick in your head. The songs on 'Once Upon A Life' represent both story-told/personal songs and songs that were written and could be sung by anybody from Pink to Keith Urban. I have no delusions of being a rock star at this point in my life and I simply could have titled this album 'Songs for Sale,' but when I finished this album (my 4th CD), I knew that I could die tomorrow and these would be songs that would best show my many skills.

1.1 In a Lifetime
1.2 Pretty When She Smiles
1.3 Save the Day (Just Like Superman)
1.4 Soldier, Come Back Home
1.5 Hanging Pictures
1.6 Not Good Enough
1.7 In a Lifetime (Acoustic)
1.8 Pretty When She Smiles (Acoustic)
1.9 Angels Told Me So (Acoustic)

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