Music Monkey Jungle

Music Monkey Jungle: Kinderlach Rock 2

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Music Monkey Jungle
Title: Kinderlach Rock 2

Kinderlach Rock is AWESOME Jewish music for AWESOME Jewish Kids. Music Monkey Jungle's 2nd Jewish CD in the Kinderlach Rock series is filled with fun-to-learn, easy-to-sing, songs appropriate for a number of Jewish celebrations and occasions. A must-have for little Jewish music monkeys and the primates who teach and love them!

1.1 Kinderlach Rock Theme
1.2 Boker Tov
1.3 A Little Jewish Bird
1.4 Mazel Tov
1.5 The Sukkot Song
1.6 Gut Yontiff
1.7 Little Dreidels
1.8 Menorah in the Window
1.9 Latkes and
1.10 Celebrate the Trees
1.11 Chag Sameach
1.12 Purim's Here
1.13 Little Groggers
1.14 Yucky Haman
1.15 10 Plagues Counting Song
1.16 Eliyahu Hanavi
1.17 Open the Door
1.18 Matzoh Cha Cha Cha
1.19 Let's Take a Jewish Rest
1.20 Bless the Wine
1.21 Al N'tilat Yadeyim
1.22 Ha' Motzi Lechem Min Ha'aretz
1.23 Hummos Yo!
1.24 Menorah in the Window Rappin' Remix
1.25 Shavua Tov
1.26 Music Monkey Jungle Theme Song

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