Music with Mar.: More Music with Mar.

Music with Mar.: More Music with Mar.
Title: More Music with Mar.
Label: CD Baby

Maryann 'Mar.' Harman is a recording artist/music teacher from Pinellas County, FL. (Originally, she's a Jersey Girl.) She has over 19 recordings produced under the name 'Music with Mar.', several of which have won national awards, including a Parents' Choice Silver Honors Award and a John Lennon Songwriter's Award. She still actively teaches music from PreK through College level and at teacher conferences, integrating the brain research findings into her music and lectures. (Interjecting humor along the way.) She is constantly bouncing around the country teaching teachers and singing with children. (Of course, Mr. Froggy goes with her.) Her songs use a variety of styles from Classical to Jazz/Rock to Blues. Children, teachers and parents find her songs easy and fun to listen to. Learning about Swimming, Eating and Jungle Habitats is much more fun when you can dance and move!

1.1 Hey, Hey Everybody!
1.2 Co-Op-Er-Ate
1.3 The Turtle
1.4 Swim, Swim
1.5 When It's Ready
1.6 Milk and Cookies
1.7 Let Me Be a Rainbow
1.8 The Jungle
1.9 Caterpillar
1.10 Eat from All Your Food Groups
1.11 The Planets
1.12 Who Sings for the Children?

Music with Mar.: More Music with Mar.

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