Music's Quill: Songs of Philip Rosseter PT. 2

Title: Songs of Philip Rosseter PT. 2
Label: CD Baby

The Songs of Philip Rosseter, Part 2 completes a project begun three years ago by Music's Quill with the release of Part 1. Together, they from the first complete recording of Rosseter's songbook. Philip Rosseter (1567/68-1623) was lutenist to James I of England from 1603 to his death, but is better known due to his collaboration with Thomas Campion (1567-1620) on their collective Book of Ayres (1601). The book's 42 songs, 21 each by Campion and Rosseter, make it unusual: the standard book contained 21 songs by one composer. This atypical collaboration may have come about because of the close personal relationship between Campion and Rosseter (evidenced by Campion's naming Rosseter his sole heir). Rosseter's lute songs are generally light-hearted but nonetheless varied in character, ranging from the somber 'No Grave for Woe' to the up-tempo and rhythmically creative 'What Heart's Content'. The solos on Part 2 are drawn from three sources: two galliards from William Barley's 'A new Booke of Tabliture for the Orpharion' (1596); Prelude from Lord Herbert of Cherbury's Lute Book (ca 1624-40); Almain from Margaret Board's Lute Book (ca 1620-30). The repeats to the galliards are my own; the Almain is in an edition by the CD's dedicatee, Robert Spencer, in honor of his many contributions to the modern lute revival. A minimalist editing policy was followed for both CDs of our Rosseter project,and several selections are straight takes. Timothy Burris.

1.1 Prelude
1.2 If I Hope I Pine
1.3 And Would You See My Mistress' Face
1.4 If She Forsake Me
1.5 What Heart's Content
1.6 The Countesse of Sussex Galliard
1.7 And Would You Fain the Reason Know
1.8 No Grave for Woe
1.9 Sweet, Come Again
1.10 Another Galliard of the Countesse of Sussex
1.11 If I Urge My Kind Desires
1.12 Ay Me That Love
1.13 When Laura Smiles
1.14 Almain
1.15 What Then Is Love But Mourning

Music's Quill: Songs of Philip Rosseter PT. 2

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