Mussorgsky / Postnikova / Kasprov: Piano Works Played By Postnikova

Mussorgsky / Postnikova / Kasprov: Piano Works Played By Postnikova
Title: Piano Works Played By Postnikova
Label: Melodiya

Firma Melodiya presents a collection of piano pieces by Modest Mussorgsky. "Mussorgsky was not only a first-class pianist, he was hardly inferior to Rubinstein", one of the composer's contemporaries spoke of his pianistic talent. The well-deserved popularity of the Pictures at an Exhibition unintentionally eclipsed the rest of the composer's instrumental works written throughout his life. However, it is his piano music that enables us to trace a profound evolution of the composer's short but extremely eventful creative career. This album features a complete collection of the composer's piano pieces - from the Porte-enseigne polka composed at the age of thirteen to the Crimean landscape sketches of 1879 and 1880 inspired by the journey to the Russian south made by the composer together with singer Darya Leonova. Some of the pieces are a sort of sketches for his vocal works and fragments from his operas. Mussorgsky's pieces are performed here by Viktoria Postnikova and Alexander Bakhchiev, the leading Russian pianists of the late 20th century. A number of pieces were recorded by the great pianist of the first half of the previous century Maria Yudina. Two pieces were recorded in 2016 and 2017 by young performers and prize-winners of prestigious international competitions Elizaveta Mazalova and Sergei Kasprov.

1.1 Porte-Enseigne Polka - Viktoria Postnikova
1.2 Souvenir D'enfance - Viktoria Postnikova
1.3 Scherzo in C-Sharp minor - Elizaveta Mazalova
1.4 Children's Names No. 1, Corners. Scherzo - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.5 Impromtu Passionné (Recollection of Beltov and Lyuba) - Viktoria Postnikova
1.6 Intermezzo in Modo Classico - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.7 Nanny and I - Viktoria Postnikova
1.8 The First Punishment - Viktoria Postnikova
1.9 Rêverie - Maria Yudina
1.10 La Capricieuse - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.11 The Seamstress (Scherzino) - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.12 On the Southern Shore of the Crimea - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.13 Une Larme - Maria Yudina
1.14 Méditation - Maria Yudina
1.15 In the Village - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.16 Near the Southern Shore of the Crimea. - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.17 Fair Scene - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.18 Gopak of the Merry Lads - Alexander Bakhchiev
1.19 Serenade - Sergei Kasprov

Mussorgsky / Postnikova / Kasprov: Piano Works Played By Postnikova

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