Mustard's Retreat

Mustard's Retreat: Back to Back

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Mustard's Retreat
Title: Back to Back

1.1 Step It Up Joe
1.2 Mallon's Bridge
1.3 Part of Me Remembers
1.4 Watching the Pines
1.5 The Great Lakes Fishing Trade
1.6 Powerline Trails
1.7 The Minstrel and the Bear
1.8 Moonlight Through Clouds
1.9 Motherlode
1.10 Hard Times Come Again No More
1.11 Moody Monday
1.12 Countin' on You
1.13 (Wreck of) the Julie Plante
1.14 Achoo to You
1.15 The Banshee
1.16 There's a Dance
1.17 Jeremy Brown
1.18 Desole (The Rain Song)
1.19 Midwinter's Night (Instrumental)
1.20 The Luck of the Irish
1.21 The Sonnet Song

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