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Mutual Kumquat: Mutual Kumquat

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Artist: Mutual Kumquat

Title: Mutual Kumquat
Label: CD Baby

Mutual Kumquat, an eclectic collective of musicians formed in the Summer of 2000 has brought it's 'good times revolution music' to audiences across the United States, engaging audiences with positive and progressive lyrics, strong rhythms, rich harmonies and it's unique blend of upbeat music influenced by bluegrass, funk, reggae, jazz, folk, and afrobeat. Equally comfortable as an intimate acoustic trio or a 5-7 member party band, Mutual Kumquat's music defies easy description. The group's brand-new self-titled release features longtime Mutual Kumquat members co-founder/bassist Chris Good, vocalist Drue Gray, guitarist/vocalist Seth Hendricks and drummer Justin Peterson. New additions keyboardist Jesse Morgan and mandolin player Jacob Jolliff are also featured heavily on the new album and bring new layers of flair and virtuosity to the Kumquat's trademark eclectic sound. Inspired by visions of radical, loving, creative communities living in MUTUAL relationship and the sweet yet tart, tiny but power-packed-with-flavor wonder fruit that is a KUMQUAT, the group was born. A wild journey has followed taking the group from 3 members up to 14, back again to 3 and now settling on it's current lineup of 5. Members have regrouped and recommitted themselvers after travelling the world and pursuing various interests for several years. 2008 promises to be a pivotal and breakthrough year for the group with the release of their new CD and as they head into their most ambitious tour ever in the spring and summer of 2008. Audiences beware, the 'good times revolution' is about to explode!!

1.1 Looking Through These Pages
1.2 River and the Wind
1.3 Song for the Veggies
1.4 Stand My Ground
1.5 Abigail
1.6 Weapons of Mass Destruction
1.7 Crazy
1.8 Georgia City
1.9 Maybe Michigan
1.10 No War
1.11 Rainbows
1.12 24 Hours
1.13 Blacksburg

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