Muuy Biien

Muuy Biien: D.Y.I. (Do Yourself in)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Muuy Biien

Title: D.Y.I. (Do Yourself in)
Label: Happy Happy Birthday
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release from the Indie Punk band. Only a year on from their debut, Muuy Biien have undergone an evolution nearly as startling as the primordial fish that grew lungs and crawled onto land. It's a band that is about to make the lazy comparisons of the past - to Savages, to Iceage, to Joy Division, to the Fall -seem ridiculous. It may be all anger and brutality on the surface, but there's a Pop sensibility at it's heart, a buoyancy that TIWYMI lacked. That album was a pure laser beam of black and white rage, but DYI finds the band slowing down ever so slightly and allowing things into the songs - melody, vulnerability, dynamics, hooks - that up till now you had to look closely to find. Muuy Biien is the real thing.

1.1 Cyclothymia I
1.2 Human Error
1.3 White Ego
1.4 Melters
1.5 What Isn't
1.6 She Bursts (Reprise)
1.7 Cyclothymia II
1.8 Virus Evolves
1.9 Dust
1.10 Crispin Noir
1.11 Frigid
1.12 D.Y.I
1.13 Cyclothymia III

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