MX-80: Big Hits Hard Attack

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Product Type: CD
Artist: MX-80

Artist: MX-80
Title: Big Hits Hard Attack

From Trouser Press -- This weird post-metal art band originally from Bloomington, Indiana (from the same scene that spawned the goofy Gizmos) centers their sound around Bruce Anderson's slashing, trebly guitar riffing and Rich Stim's deadpan, often indecipherable, mumble. As a five-piece (with two drummers), they twice released a seven-song 7-inch EP 'Big Hits' (subtitled 'Hard pop from the Hoosiers') on local labels, impressing Island Records enough to sign them. But the resulting Hard Attack never came out in the States and attracted little attention aside from some critical raves. Note: Through an accident in mastering the first four songs of the Big Hits EP are on one track (Track 1) and the remaining three songs of the EP are on Track 2.

1.1 Train to Loveland/You Turn Me On/Scp/Till Death Do Us Part
1.2 Myonga Von Bontee/Boy Trouble Girl Trouble/Tidal Wave
1.3 Man on the Move
1.4 Kid Stuff
1.5 Fascination
1.6 Summer '77
1.7 PCB's
1.8 Crushed Ice
1.9 Tidal Wave
1.10 Checkmate
1.11 Facts Facts
1.12 You're Not Alone
1.13 Civilized/Demeyes
1.14 Afterbirth/Aftermath
1.15 Sad Girls

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