My Education/Theta Naught

My Education/Theta Naught: Sound Mass: Harmonic Motion 3

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Title: Sound Mass: Harmonic Motion 3
Label: CD Baby

In June 2010, My Education found themselves in the midst of a West Coast tour with three days to kill in Salt Lake City. Luckily, guitarist Brian Purington had been in touch via email with Ryan Stanfield, the bassist of Utah's finest improvisational collective Theta Naught, about a possible collaboration. Studio time was quickly booked, and both bands decamped to AudioSpace Studios to document their efforts. Nine hours and five soundscapes later, the ensemble had recorded what they have now affectionately dubbed Sound Mass. Suitably inspired by their efforts in the studio, both outfits quickly agreed that their planned show the following day at SLC's famed DIY venue Kilby Court should become an avenue for further collaboration and experimentation. Ten musicians squeezed onto the stage of the tiny venue. An evening of noisy, exhilarating, cacophonous and yet somehow controlled joyous fun ensued. After preliminary editing and mixing of the Sound Mass tapes was completed in SLC by Theta Naught and engineer Hyrum Summerhays, the project was delivered to Austin and the capable hands of the Bump Boyz and Headbump Studios. The five tracks were whittled down to a single LP and thoroughly mixed with extensive harassment from the always-opinionated members of My Education. Indefatigable mastering engineer Sean Seagler stepped in and dished out the final (vinyl) product, which will be released in CD form in time for SXSW 2011 and in LP form later in the year as part of Differential Records' Harmonic Motion series.

1.1 Careful with That Saw, Ryan
1.2 Nonet
1.3 A Casual Shoe for Yachting
1.4 Communion
1.5 Salt Lake Film Society

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