My Exit Music

My Exit Music: Someday Zero

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Product Type: CD
Artist: My Exit Music

Title: Someday Zero
Label: CD Baby

Since My Exit Music released their album 'Someday Zero' on Solarbear Records, it has caused a stir amongst the discerning listeners of the World. The album has been described as 'a journey that continues without pause from the opening note to the last. From delicate piano to rich layered guitars, the album is dynamically rich with an incredible feel.' Myspace listeners say: 'your music is fabulous!!' 'you do some really nice beautiful stuff guys.' 'Hey you sound awesome.' 'I normally bin band requests, but this is right up my street. Superb stuff. How do i get to hear more?' 'compliments for your music.. it's very refined ;-))' 'Really beautiful tunes! ' 'Still amazed this wonderful album is not widely available. It belongs in everyones CD collection. It's firmly lodged in my top 10 alltime best albums now. Thanks yet again for a superlative piece of downbeat, yet life affirming music. ' 'I was having a nice trip today with your music... ' 'yo i really like the smooth flow and beauty of your music guys great sound. I think i like dust the most it has a quality to it that can only be reckognized by musicians. Kind of how music applies to real life. Beautiful stuff. ' 'the kind of music that made my night right now...' 'I bought your album mates, from iTunes. It's pretty good+relaxing. It reminds me of some of the latest anathema songs in some parts. So keep on making good music '...Great tunes here, 'Dust' is beautiful! Best wishes from Germany! ... I love your emotional and fantastic 'Guitar world'!! It's so cooooool!!!!! I want to see your live performance!! It's very good ! I will come many times on your page !!! Our long awaited new album is now available. - Tiny Lights and Nerves. Buy it here at CD baby!!!

1.1 Free Falling
1.2 Warning Signs
1.3 Auto
1.4 Break These Chains in Two
1.5 Dust
1.6 Room to Move
1.7 All the Winters That Have Been
1.8 Ground Level

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