My Heart's Cry

My Heart's Cry: Prayer of the Saints EP

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Product Type: CD
Artist: My Heart's Cry

Title: Prayer of the Saints EP
Label: CD Baby

The music industry has become a fast pace and demanding field. As a band, we have continually sought new ways to continue to stay ahead of the expectations placed on musicians. As a result, we demand of our selves the absolute best in perfection and quality without sacrificing soul and the meaning of our music. From these values, we have derived a sound that is uniquely My Heart's Cry. Since the beginning of 2010, we've been able to record our this EP with producers Robert Venable and Lester Estelle of Off The Wall Studios in Franklin, TN. From this we laid down the songs Crazy, Stay With Me, and Unworthy. Combining two different producers to gain a different take on certain songs seemed the best way to go, so we brought Summer Romance and Stronger to Tonal Recording Studio in Hastlet, TX. Prayer of the Saints EP has set the bar for us to produce songs that people can relate to, sing to, and even dance to.

1.1 Stronger
1.2 Crazy
1.3 Prayer of the Saints
1.4 Unworthy
1.5 Stay with Me
1.6 Summer Romance

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