My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket: Z

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Artist: My Morning Jacket
Title: Z
Product Type: VINYL LP

2008 reissure of Z, the fourth album by rock band My Morning Jacket. This collection features a much spacier and polished sound than previous MMJ releases, making heavy use of synthesizers throughout and incorporating small bits of reggae and dub. The heavy reverb, a characteristic of the band's recordings previous to Z, is largely absent.

1.1 "Wordless Chorus" 4:12
1.2 "It Beats 4 U" 3:46
1.3 "Gideon" 3:39
1.4 "What a Wonderful Man" 2:25
1.5 "Off the Record" (James, "Two Tone" Tommy, Patrick Hallahan) 5:33
1.6 "Into the Woods" 5:21
1.7 "Anytime" 3:56
1.8 "Lay Low" 6:05
1.9 "Knot Comes Loose" 4:02
1.10 "Dondante" 8:01

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