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My New Favorites: My New Favorites

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Artist: My New Favorites
Title: My New Favorites

My New Favorites is the union of four musicians with radically different musical backgrounds. Two of us are classically trained. Two of us can't read a note of music. Individually, we play old time, bluegrass, Americana, rock, gospel, Irish and classical. Together we are a fusion of all those styles. Speaking of fusion, check out how piano, organ and clawhammer banjo happily coexist on our track, 'Got To Have That Giving On Your Mind.' Or the rock and roll accordion solo on 'Go'. Or check out the four part harmonies in 'Meet Me In The Water' and 'Long White Robe.' Playing in My New Favorites means bringing our own musical influences to the group, AND (this is important) being willing to learn from and be influenced by one another. The result is great music. But it's a style that does not readily fit into any particular genre. My New Favorites is billed as an Americana band. That's the closest thing to a 'non-label' label that we could come up with. But as one elderly concert attendee asked us one night before we started a show: "Americana? You people play Americana? Why don't you just play music?" Right on. Right on, Mr. Concert-goer, whoever you were and wherever you are. Right on that there doesn't have to be a label, a category, or a genre. Music just IS. We are songwriters as well as performing musicians. We write about 90% of the music we play. That just seems to work best for us. The songs have become our voice. And we use our voices to share them. Here's some info on the players in My New Favorites: Jeff Benedict is a singer and songwriter who plays guitar and banjo in the band. He writes most of the stuff we play. Then he watches as we arrange it, change it and birth it out into the world. Linda Waltner is a classically trained violinist, but doesn't let that get in the way of being a first-rate fiddler. Right at home with Bach or Bob Dylan, she can also do old-time and Celtic. Amy Benedict, "the little girl with the great big bass," is a veteran performer on the old time scene. A lifelong singer and dancer, she brings strong melodies and harmonies to the band's vocal mix. Tracy Johnson plays the keyboards and the accordion for us, and does a great job singing. She's the only one of us to play Carnegie Hall! Her strong musical style helps drive the music forward through every performance.

1.1 Meet Me in the Water
1.2 Got to Have That Giving
1.3 Go
1.4 Man Among Men
1.5 You Make Me Smile
1.6 Splitsville
1.7 Hallowed Ground
1.8 Love Won't Live Here
1.9 My New Favorites
1.10 Long White Robe
1.11 Come on Home
1.12 The Shelter Blues

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