Myles, Eileen

Myles, Eileen: Aloha / Irish Trees

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Artist: Myles, Eileen

Artist: Myles, Eileen
Title: Aloha / Irish Trees
Product Type: VINYL LP

Aloha/Irish trees is a collection of new and old poems by Eileen Myles, many of which have never been featured in her previous print collections and all of which have never been featured on a vinyl record. Further, unlike the vast majority of vinyl-poetry records, Aloha/Irish trees was recorded live. Live meaning that it encapsulates an experience that every poet is familiar with-an occasional linguistic flub can be heard now and then, as can the sound of the poet clearing her throat, taking a sip of water. The final sentence heard on the last track of Side B is "I'm gonna catch up, I have to pee." Listening to Aloha/Irish trees is listening to Eileen Myles read her work live, an aural experience easy to hear, hard to escape.

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