Myrkur: Mareridt

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Myrkur

Artist: Myrkur
Title: Mareridt
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Mareridt" (Nightmare) is the expected second full-length album of the well-known and well-known Danish artist MYRKUR, one of the most popular new genres of the genre BLACK METAL. The singer and multi-instrumentalist Myrkur amazed fans of the genre with a beautiful stylistic variety, with extreme music but also stemperated by FOLK and HEAVENLY VOICES inserts, creating a fascinating and engaging atmosphere. - Recorded between Copenhagen and Seattle with producer Randall Dunn (Marissa Nadler, Earth, Sunn O)), Boris, Wolves In The Throne Room), "Mareridt" is a work of oppositions that alternates darkness and light, the moon and the Mother Earth, the witch and the saint. The result is a BLACK METAL album with 11 tracks with beautiful and exciting melodies, DARK FOLK passages, choral arrangements and a superb and horrific beauty. In the record we also find a collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe and the use of acoustic instruments such as violin, mandolin, drums and the old Swedish nyckelharpa harp and the kulning call.

1.1 Mareridt
1.2 Maneblot
1.3 The Serpent
1.4 Crown
1.5 Elleskudt
2.1 De Tre Piker
2.2 Funeral
2.3 Ulvinde
2.4 Gladiatrix
2.5 Kætteren
2.6 Bornehjem

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