Mystery Kindaichi Band

Mystery Kindaichi Band: The Adventure Of Kohsuke Kindaichi

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Artist: Mystery Kindaichi Band
Title: The Adventure Of Kohsuke Kindaichi
Product Type: VINYL LP

This album is a collection of songs created based on the novel 'KOUSUKE KINDAICHI' series written by Seishi Yokomizo. All of the songs were instrumental image albums composed with the image of 'KINDAICHI'. In charge of the songs, Hirotaka Takada, Yutaka Narita, Kentaro Haneda are the three pillars that have worked on this and many other works in drama accompaniment. While all three are fascinated by their originality, there are a number of songs that are too perfect to imagine "KOUSUKE KINDAICHI" no matter what you take.

1.1 Theme Of Kohsuke Kindaichi
1.2 Yatsuhakamura (Eight Village Grave)
1.3 Masquerade
1.4 Honjin Murder
1.5 Island Prison (Gokumonto)
1.6 Temari (Song Of The Devil)
1.7 Tragedy Of The Maze House
1.8 Devil Blows The Whistle
1.9 Three Neck Tower
1.10 Inugami Family

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