Nadja: Luminous Rot

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nadja

Title: Luminous Rot
Label: Southern Lord

Nadja return with a new album Luminous Rot via Southern Lord. Mixed by David Pajo (Slint, Tortoise, Will Oldham and more..) Nadja is a duo of multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and bassist Leah Buckareff-active since 2005-and making music which can be described as ambient doom, dreamsludge, or metalgaze. Nadja's signature sound combines the atmospheric textures of shoegaze and ambient / electronic music with the heaviness, density, and volume of metal, noise, and industrial. For their new album, Luminous Rot, the duo retain their overblown/ambient sound, and explore shorter and more tightly structured songs reflecting their interests not only in metal, but post-punk, cold-wave, shoegaze, and industrial.

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