Nafone: Unusual Instrumentals

Nafone: Unusual Instrumentals
Title: Unusual Instrumentals
Label: CD Baby

This album has a little bit of everything for everyone to experience the unique unusual talents of Nafone of Unusual Music Inc. The intro introduces the comical persona of Big J who will soon be on DVD. This album has a variety of instrumental music you can enjoy anytime, anywhere throughout the year.

1.1 Big J Intro
1.2 Unusual Missions
1.3 Club Bangers 7073
1.4 5Am 2nd Wind
1.5 Light Years Ahead Club Music
1.6 Ruff Times
1.7 Hip Hop Bangas 7073
1.8 7073 G Music
1.9 Summer Is Fun
1.10 Peruvian Mist
1.11 Beautiful Days and Nights
1.12 Cultural Dance
1.13 Magic City
1.14 Sexy Lady #2
1.15 City to City
1.16 More Hood Music
1.17 The Art of War
1.18 The Man with Thick Glasses on
1.19 Nafone Vs. Mike 7073
1.20 Up Rising
1.21 The End Technology Music

Nafone: Unusual Instrumentals

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