Naked on the Vague

Naked on the Vague: Twelve Dark Noons

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Naked on the Vague
Title: Twelve Dark Noons
Product Type: VINYL LP

Having expanded from the no-wave two piece of Lucy Cliche and Matthew Hopkins to a fully fleshed out four piece including drummer Lachlan Vercoe and bassist Nic de Jong, our favorite Australian outcasts return with a stunning EP as their follow-up to last year's full length on Siltbreeze. This EP is a bit lighter in mood and delivery; in the words of the band's own Hopkins it's a bit like, "Dracula fronting the B-52's". While this is certainly Hopkins taking the piss, opening track, "The Gift" is a perfectly modern homage to past dark lords such as Bauhaus and Christian Death.

1.1 The Gift
1.2 Clock of 12's
1.3 Happy Endings
1.4 Dissatisfaction
1.5 The Fridge
1.6 High Noon

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