Nancarrow / Wdr Sinfonieorchester Koln / Asbury

Nancarrow / Wdr Sinfonieorchester Koln / Asbury: Suite for Orchestra / Studies for Player Piano

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Title: Suite for Orchestra / Studies for Player Piano
Label: Wergo Germany

The composer Conlon Nancarrow, who died in 1997 at the age of 84, is regarded as an exceptional figure in the field of contemporary music. It is especially his compositions for player piano that made Nancarrow go down in history. Apart from his central work "Studies for Player Piano", Nancarrow's œuvre can be classified in three groups of live instrumental compositions: the early works (ca. 1930-1947) - this period covers compositions such as "Septet" (1939) which was rediscovered only in 1990 and is now presented on this CD, or the cycle "Suite for Orchestra" composed in 1940 which is contained on the present CD as well. How far transcriptions can deviate from the original source is shown by the piece "Nancarrow Concerto" by Paul Usher who was guided by the 'spirit' of Nancarrow. It appears at the end of the CD programme as a shining example of the further creative development of Nancarrow's music.

1.1 I Allegro Molto (Suite for Orchestra)
1.2 II Andante
1.3 III Allegro
1.4 IV Allegro Molto
1.5 Study for Player Piano No. 16
1.6 Study for Player Piano No. 20
1.7 Study for Player Piano No. 26
1.8 I (Halbe = 90) (Three Movements for Chamber Orchestra)
1.9 II (Viertel = 80)
1.10 III As Fast As Possible
1.11 I (Septet. Fragment)
1.12 II
1.13 III
1.14 Study for Player Piano No. 32
1.15 Study for Player Piano No. 44
1.16 I (Nancarrow Concerto for Pianola and Chamber Orchestra - Paul Usher)
1.17 II
1.18 III
1.19 IV

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