Nancy Bryan: Pilgrim

Nancy Bryan: Pilgrim
Title: Pilgrim
Label: CD Baby

Nancy Bryan has a crystalline soprano and a haunting and inspirational songwriting style that will appeal to all ages. 'The Pilgrim' is a blend of dreamy pop originals and hymns such as 'Immaculate Mary' and 'Be Thou My Vision' done in unique and memorable ways. John Bryan, who produced the disc, plays acoustic guitar, piano and other instruments, and his styles include classical, delta blues and pop. 'God, You Are' has an African sound with harmonies and unique rhythms, while 'Soar' is uplifting and Celtic with a confessional singer-songwriter feel. Nancy has also had two albums on Acoustic Sounds, one of the most respected audiophile labels, which were distributed by JVC/Sire. Several of the cuts were featured on a compilation CD with esteemed artists such as Miles Davis, Janis Ian and Art Pepper. She was also nominated for a Grammy for her work with Walt Disney Records for such beloved characters as The Little Mermaid and Winnie the Pooh,. and her own alternative-pop songs have been heard on MTV's 'Real World' and 'Road Rules'. But 'The Pilgrim' is her most personal work, as she has gravitated to a more ambient and free flowing style. Though the lyrics point to a spiritual solution, they are still open ended, leaving the listeners to draw their own conclusions. The songs are Celtic in nature and have soaring vocals and rich harmonies. And though she can be reminiscient of Sarah McLachlan and Joni Mitchell, she has her own unique sound. This CD is fresh, musical and something you will listen to again and again.

1.1 Psalm 107
1.2 God, You Are
1.3 Heaven and Hell
1.4 Ode to Joy (Feat. John Bryan)
1.5 Immaculate Mary
1.6 Kingdom
1.7 Headed for a Fall
1.8 Soar
1.9 Quiet Command
1.10 The Pilgrim
1.11 Road to Jerusalem
1.12 Be Thou My Vision

Nancy Bryan: Pilgrim

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