Nancy Middleton: Way I Do

Nancy Middleton: Way I Do
Title: Way I Do
Label: CD Baby

It's hard to know exactly what it is about great songwriting that moves people. Whether it's a well-crafted turn of phrase, a passionate plea for understanding, or an astute observation about everyday life, it's an intangible that you can't quite put your finger on. You just know that it's great.

1.1 The Key
1.2 The Way I Do
1.3 This Town Is Yours
1.4 On the Interstate
1.5 If I Stopped Loving You
1.6 All I Do Is Cry
1.7 Sometimes You Win
1.8 Heart on the Run
1.9 So Long Lonely
1.10 If I See You Lately
1.11 Love That's True
1.12 Long Way Home
1.13 Why Don't You Love Me

Nancy Middleton: Way I Do

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