Nannette Benman

Nannette Benman: I'm Stronger in You

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Artist: Nannette Benman

Artist: Nannette Benman
Title: I'm Stronger in You

Intro - A testimony of God's grace and a dedication of this album. I'm Stronger in You - Title song has a great beat and soulful sound. This song will get you rocking and even stronger lyrics empower those needing encouragement. A Refreshing - Great musicality and lyrics, wonderful vocals and great harmony. You will not want the music to stop. I Love You Jesus - Hot Track! The music and the beats will move you. This is a love song to Jesus! Cover Me - If there could be a second title track this would be it! This song moves people to tears as they remember God's goodness and grace. One of the hottest tracks on the CD! Trust and Obey - Great crossover appeal! The guitar solo is hot, wonderful lyrics and vocals. We Give You The Glory - This praise song is so uplifting you will love it! Every praise team or choir will want to do it. Great vocals, great message and the ending builds and takes you to higher heights of praise! He's Worthy - Worship song that stirs your soul. I Do Love The Lord - Jazzy feel, great for riding and meditating on God's word Ask, Seek and Find - Hot Track, features the latest in vocal technology and a gospel rap. Young and old will love this track! Spirit of the Lord - Worship song that will move you into the spirit of praise and worship. Strong lyrics and vocals. Just Believe - Very upbeat with a funky groove, the message is what this album is all about. Be Blessed!

1.1 Intro
1.2 I'm Stronger in You
1.3 A Refreshing
1.4 I Love You Jesus
1.5 Cover Me
1.6 Trust and Obey
1.7 We Give You the Glory
1.8 He's Worthy
1.9 I Do Love the Lord
1.10 Ask, Seek, and Find
1.11 Spirit of the Lord
1.12 Just Believe

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