Naofumi Hataya & Tomoya Ohtani

Naofumi Hataya & Tomoya Ohtani: Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - The Vinyl Cutz

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Artist: Naofumi Hataya & Tomoya Ohtani
Title: Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - The Vinyl Cutz
Product Type: VINYL LP

The international release of Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - The Vinyl Cutz is a must-have not only for all fans of the legendary blue hedgehog, but also for lovers of warm snapping and popping! This edition contains 19 tracks from the Sonic Forces video game, including the main theme "Fist Bump"composed by series veteran Tomoya Ohtani and performed by Douglas Robb (from Hoobastank), "Theme of Infinite" by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane (Dangerkids), and more amazing pieces-some of which are performed by the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra and recorded at the AIR Studios! The Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - The Vinyl Cutz is a gorgeous new piece featuring it's own custom cover, two stylish vinyl discs - disc 1 is translucent blue while disc 2 is silver gray - and a 4-page leaflet with lyrics and credits.

1.1 Fist Bump
1.2 Infinite
1.3 Fighting Onward - Space Fort
1.4 Nowhere to Run - Prison Hall
1.5 Justice - Park Avenue
1.6 Moonlight Battlefield - Aqua Road
1.7 Virtual Enemies - Capital City
1.8 Set in
1.9 Motion - Guardian Rock
1.10 Fist Bump - SXSW Vers
1.11 Sunset Heights
1.12 Ghost Town
1.13 Battle with Infinite - First Bump
1.14 Battle with Metal Sonic - Us Ver Remix
1.15 Eggman's Facility - Rhythm and Balance Remix
1.16 Battle with Mega Death Egg Robot - Final Phase
1.17 Fading World - Imperial Tower
1.18 The Light of Hope
1.19 This Is Our World
1.20 Fist Bump - Piano Version

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