Nat Birchall

Nat Birchall: Akhenaten

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Nat Birchall

Artist: Nat Birchall
Title: Akhenaten
Product Type: VINYL LP

Akhenaten (2009) was the first album Nat Birchall released via the then brand-new Gondwana Records label in Manchester. Originally released only on CD, this is the first time this classic recording has been made available on vinyl. The album on the whole features a quartet, and is expanded to a quintet on the title track where UK trumpet virtuoso Matthew Halsall joins in with a stunning solo. The album explores deep, hymn-like themes at length, finding much to say on the relatively simple melodies and arrangements. Nat and his fellow band members play here with the selfless motivation and focus that's required to allow them to tap deep into the human psyche, producing music that is soulful and stately. Very different from most modern jazz styles played nowadays, the music has a timeless beauty that will stand the test of time. The album was enthusiastically received by music fans and critics alike, being unanimously hailed as a modern classic. Now is the time to hear this magnificent work, utilizing the unique atmospherics and sonic presence that only vinyl can provide. Only 600 copies pressed.

1.1 Nica's Dance
1.2 A Prayer for
1.3 Akhenaten (Feat. Matthew Halsall)
1.4 Many Blessings

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