Nat Johnson

Nat Johnson: Neighbour of the Year

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Artist: Nat Johnson

Artist: Nat Johnson
Title: Neighbour of the Year
Product Type: VINYL LP

A Northern English chanteuse of strong vulnerability, 'Neighbour of the Year' is her first solo endeavour, and earnestly speaks of woes and personal experiences on an emotionally tangible record. Johnson compels herself and her audience to aspire with honesty in melody. Her profound capabilities, both technically and in decorum, are why Johnson's work is revered and admirable. A songwriter with clever articulation, no element is amiss in her artistry. The "circular" nature in which the songs physically manifest communicates how these seven tracks span in delicacy, and have helped Johnson pinpoint, examine and heal to find the silver lining. An annotation of self-discovery, Johnson doesn't shy away from articulating difficulty or pain. 'Neighbour of the Year' is a record of exposure and solace, and is an exceptional solo debut for Johnson, who is a songstress of integrity, talent and insight.

1.1 Not Now, Horse
1.2 March, March
1.3 I've Been Shot
1.4 I Can't See You
1.5 Neighbour of the Year
1.6 Dog
1.7 Shelter

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