Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole: Complete After Midnight Sessions

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nat King Cole

Artist: Nat King Cole
Title: Complete After Midnight Sessions

This 1956 gem features Nat Cole's return to the piano and the sound of his great '40's trio. Adding Lee Young on drums and 4 guest soloists (one at a time), Cole captures a relaxed, after-hours feeling throughout this set of standards and new songs. Added to the original 12 tunes are 5 additional tracks and one alternate take. Includes "It's Only a Paper Moon," "Just You, Just Me," "(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66," "Caravan" and much more.

1.1 Just You Just Me
1.2 Sweet Lorraine
1.3 Sometimes I'm Happy
1.4 Caravan
1.5 It's Only a Paper Moon
1.6 You're Looking at Me
1.7 Lonely One
1.8 Don't Let It Go to Your H
1.9 I Know That You Know
1.10 Blame It on My Youth
1.11 When I Grow Too Old to Dr
1.12 (Get Your Kicks on) Route
1.13 I Was a Little Too Lonely
1.14 You Can Depend on Me
1.15 What Is There to Say
1.16 Two Loves Have I
1.17 Candy
1.18 You're Looking at Me (Alt

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