Natalac: Answers

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Artist: Natalac

Artist: Natalac
Title: Answers

1.1 The Only Real Man Is a Pimp (That's Why They Givin Money to Him)
1.2 Staaacks (Stacks)
1.3 That's Natalac (Who Is Natalac)
1.4 Draggin These Like a Train (I Pull'em)(Feat. Tef Kaluminoti)
1.5 Who Can I Trust (Me and God)
1.6 Forgot About Father (Forgotten King)
1.7 Ain't Nothin Like (Pimp Azz Ni66A)
1.8 Killing My Heart (Died in Your Arms Tonight)
1.9 Players Ball (I Came Here to Party Yall)
1.10 Wobble Lot (Sellin)
1.11 Pimp Dat (Whatever It Is I Gotta Pimp Dat)
1.12 Let's Go Pimpin (Don't Understand Women) (Feat. Da Blackhillbillie)
1.13 Money Girl (She's a Money Girl)(Feat. Da Blackhillbillie)
1.14 Black History (1960 to 2010)
1.15 Round and Round (The World Goes)
1.16 Still in Here (So Many Tears)
1.17 Real Love (I Don't Know About That)

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