Nate Evans

Nate Evans: Speakerbox

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nate Evans

Title: Speakerbox
Label: CD Baby

Nate is quickly becoming larger than life. His newest project "SpeakerBox" the music resonates a beat that is energetic to any dancers dream. His sound is a perfect mix of Electronic, Pop & Hip-Hop. His new music video 'A Lovely Day' which he also produced, already has over a million views on YouTube. He is quickly becoming one of the industry's most phenomenal sensations. Nate, singer, songwriter, director, actor and dancer, has developed a sound that is true to his heart, as he pours immeasurable passion into every song he writes and performs. He is now taking his success to the mainstream, and seems to approach the world as his personal stage.

1.1 Intro
1.2 The Speed of Light
1.3 The Music
1.4 Covergirl
1.5 Keep Fighting
1.6 The One
1.7 Angel of Mine
1.8 Dance 4 Love
1.9 A Lovely Day
1.10 Speakerbox
1.11 Officially Over
1.12 Live Forever
1.13 Tokyo
1.14 I Love You
1.15 Angel of Mine (Remix)
1.16 Covergirl (The Remix)
1.17 Speakerbox (Remix)
1.18 Keep Fighting (Remix)
1.19 Covergirl (Woowoo Remix)
1.20 I Love You (Acoustic Version)

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