Nate Ostrander: Break Out

Nate Ostrander: Break Out
Title: Break Out
Label: CD Baby

This has been a very long process to finish this album, with many of life's hardships and speed bumps being the culprit. It is the first of many to come in the future, and hope not to take as long as this one did. This album is comprised of songs written over a long span of time with most telling real, true life stories and experiences and, on the other hand, a couple that were just fun ideas. I started playing guitar about ten years ago and shortly after, started writing music. I had already been singing for a long time and had tried my hand in writing lyrics a time or two. Once I had an instrument to facilitate getting more from myself, I gave it a shot and wrote 'Rollin' On' It was the first song I'd ever written on guitar. Obviously I continued trying to master what was in my head only to get stuck time and time again. Then the walls broke, the clouds lifted and the song that was holding me back the entire time came flooding to my mind. 'Break Out' It is a simple song, but very powerful in the meaning behind it. From then on, I was more able to put my mind to work using that idea. The idea that I had been held back by life and had my own mind and desires to push toward. I started writing about experiences of my own, experiences of others who I know, or once knew, and of experiences of complete strangers. I found that in the process I would have to take time to remember the experiences and the actual feelings of them, or put myself in the shoes of the other person who had experienced it in order to accurately conceptualize the song. This took time. Over the years I found myself in situations that would make it very difficult to finish this project, and other times maybe just plain fear. Fear of putting myself out there and possibly being successful, or not. Despite the encouragement from family, friends and clientele of many a bar and club I haved performed at, I still put it off. Over the course of about ten years now, I have crafted my art and become more confident with the potential I have. The songs on this album were all written a long time ago, the first being ten years ago. The last written maybe six or seven years ago. This goes to show that these songs were all written in the very early stages of my guitar schooling, yet, they still found their way out. Then life gets in the way and recording takes the wayside. But no matter, I have finished it now and here you can enjoy what I have to offer. I am always writing new music when the moment hits me. I'm not like a lot of writers who write a whole bunch of stuff they end up throwing away, and picking out the best of all they wrote to put on the album. Most of the time, my songs come from a moment of inspiration and they are done in less than an hour, sometimes five or ten minutes, and that is the final version. So, it still takes me a while to write an entire album worth of songs. The bottom line is that my music is meant to touch people. It is meant to try to pull an emotion from the depths and force the listener to feel something. Whether it is from the music, the lyrics, the melody, whatever it is, I hope to bring feeling to a listener and possibly memories of similar experiences. I am working on the next album and hope to have it ready sooner than later this time, and hope you all enjoy what I have to offer. Music is the path to our souls and our souls are the paths of our lives. So please, listen with an open mind and heart, and hear what your soul tells you. It's usually right.

1.1 Better Than You
1.2 Break Out
1.3 Don't Ask Me
1.4 Gone
1.5 Guardian Angels
1.6 Keep You
1.7 Life of a Different Kind
1.8 Rollin on
1.9 Take It Out
1.10 Time Stood Still
1.11 Waited My Fill
1.12 When You Walked Out

Nate Ostrander: Break Out

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