Nathan Aronowitz

Nathan Aronowitz: Few More Steps

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Artist: Nathan Aronowitz
Title: Few More Steps

At the ripe young age of 14, emerging R&B artist Nathan Aronowitz is releasing his first full length CD. Along with drummer, bass player, producer, and mentor, Dan Robinson, Nathan spent the second half of 2009 recording the nine tracks which comprise his debut effort, 'Few More Steps'. The completed work offers a full length original compilation of edgy and traditional blues, mixed with the adolescent experiences of your son, your neighbor's son, and the kid down the street. 'Few More Steps' opens with 'Another Lonely Night', a song which features a screaming organ trading time with penetrating and perfectly timed guitar licks, ... all set to solid rhythm tracks laid down by Dan Robinson. Displaying his musical versatility, Nathan follows with 'Different World', an ode to band camp featuring classic jazz guitar delicately interlaced with martini bar keys. The CD namesake, 'Few More Steps' offers an R&B rendition of cross-country training that races across the finish line to a huge bluesy ending. After hearing this song, dare yourself to get the catchy little ditty out of your head! 'Say What?' delivers a fun and rousing shuffle which rides on a chorus of playful courtship and teenage smack talk. Nathan saves some of his best work for his later tracks. 'You Left Me' (Track 8) is an angry blast on being dumped. Nathan sets a strong vocal on top of fist pumping guitar and menacing drums. The result is a fresh take on rockin' blues that is already hitting the airwaves on New Rock 104.9 'The X' in Fayetteville, AR. 'Back in Memphis' rounds out the effort with a heartfelt, string-pulling remembrance of playing The Blues on Beale Street in Memphis, TN. Featuring a slow and waning keyboard, 'Memphis' crescendos into a magnificent guitar lamenting of a year long wait (forever to a teenager) before a return to Beale.

1.1 Another Lonely Night
1.2 Different World
1.3 Formerly Known As Mojo
1.4 Few More Steps
1.5 False Hope
1.6 Say What?
1.7 My Baby's Gone
1.8 You Left Me
1.9 Back in Memphis

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