Nathaniel Bronner, Jr.: Words for Healing

Nathaniel Bronner, Jr.: Words for Healing
Title: Words for Healing
Label: CD Baby

A Brief History of Words for Healing I was in my early 20s, freshly college educated with a degree in chemistry. I was a logical, sane thinking scientist. If it weren't for my mother, I absolutely would not have been there. I was attending a 'Word, Prophecy, and Healing' seminar at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta in the early '80s. It was a three-night event about Word, Prophecy, and Healing. Each night focused on one of the topics. It was the healing night and I sat near the front in a crowd of nearly a thousand people. I was not a minister at the time. I was nowhere close to being a minister but my mother was insistent that I attend the three nights thus I was there. Pastor Rutledge was conducting the healing portion. There was a long line of people in line for healing. I sat there and to be honest, I was somewhat bored. It was just a long line of people and there was the laying on of hands, praying and other stuff that was mumbo jumbo to me. The healing team was from Detroit, Michigan and was led by a woman named Cookye Rutledge. The team laid hands on a long line of people who obviously had something wrong with them or else they wouldn't have been in the line. I sat and watched. I had no need to get in the line as I had nothing physically wrong with me, but I was curious so I watched and wondered. Two-thirds or more through the session, Cookye stopped and pointed to me. I looked around to see who else she could be referring to. It was me. She beckoned me forward. Pastor Cookye Rutledge had stopped in the middle of the line and in the middle of the service. She turned around and pointed in the direction where I was sitting. "You! You come here!" she said. I looked around to see who she was pointed at. "You!" she repeated again. 'Did she sense some illness in me that I didn't know about?' was the thought that ran through my mind. "I'm not sick!" I thought. "I don't need to be in the line." She had me stand at the front of the line facing the people and then said, 'You lay hands on these people.' 'Huh?' was my reaction to the best of my memory. 'What do you mean lay hands on these people?' She repeated again, 'You lay hands on these people for them to get well.' My eyebrows raised like one of my favorite television stars, Mr. Spock. "Has this woman lost it?" was actually what ran through my mind. She then took her healing team of several people and she and the team went and sat down, leaving me standing there alone and quite frankly feeling flustered and rather silly. I was not a minister. I was not ordained. I was not hearing from God. I felt silly and out of place standing there. I had a choice - either follow instructions or just refuse and go sit back down. I followed instructions. I laid hands on every person who was in that line and those who came up afterwards. To this day I know nothing of the results of that night. As I look back upon that night, I realize that perhaps it was just a prophetic glimpse of the healing ministry and what I would be doing decades in the future. Perhaps people were healed that night, but if they were, I still don't know about it. Fast forward 20+ years. I am now senior pastor of The ARK of Salvation, publisher of MountainWings and the websites and God has led me to have a monthly healing session called "God Heals". I had recently contacted Pastor Rutledge remembering the event over 20 years ago. I had to find someone who knew someone who knew her. I only knew her first name of Cookye but I found her. I told her about "God Heals" and how she had seen the "gift" of healing in me over 20 years ago. Pastor Cookye Rutledge now serves with her husband, Pastor Ron Rutledge as pastors of the Fort Wayne Christian Center. She told me that they operate a healing school. I wished that I could attend but she told me that she would send me CDs of some of the messages. I eagerly accepted the offer. She sent me eight CDs at no charge. I promptly sent an offering to her of $30 per CD. I've long since learned the value of investing back into that which blesses you. It was one of those CDs that I was listening to as I was jogging. Pastor Rutledge was reciting healing scriptures. I instantly knew that I needed to make such a recording. I had been in the music years before and had recorded three albums (now called CDs) and had three records to make Billboards Top 100. That is another life however but I still had the technical knowledge. I had built our own high quality studio and still had the equipment put away on pallet racks in the warehouse of my manufacturing plant. My company makes health products at but there is a limit to natural health products and to modern medicine..I knew that with the recording knowledge that I could make a fairly good CD. I thought the people who attended the God Heals services needed something to keep their faith up. I had no idea of the power of what was to come with that CD. I spent time getting the music track together. The next day after the music was finished in the early morning immediately after my 5am prayer I took a small recorder and microphone and began to record the words. I really did not intend for the voice recording to be the final product but I just felt led to try it right then. Atlanta was and as of now still is experiencing the worst drought in it's recorded history. We had not had rain for weeks. As I began to speak in the darkness of the early morning hours it began to rain. As I continued to speak it began to thunder. When I stopped talking, the thunder and rain stopped. You had to be there to experience God's seal being placed on that recording. That morning was as mystical as it gets. I had planned to give the CDs away at God Heals. God had already spoken to me and said to take up no offering at God Heals. That's something that's rather unheard of in the modern church but I was obedient. No offering has been taken or accepted during the God Heals services. In that same spirit I planned to give the CDs away. God spoke again, "Do not give away the CD! They must pay for it!" I don't know why I couldn't take an offering yet can't give away the CD but there are many divine things that I do not understand. I hope that you honor that command. Do not copy and give away the CD. A sacrifice has been ordered although it is a small one. You can pay the sacrifice, but do not copy and give away the CD or MP3 file. The first person to hear Words for Healing was my mother. If mother approved it, it was OK. I sent her the music file by email and she listened. She called me the next day. "I fell asleep in my chair at my computer," she said. "I listened to 30 or 40 minutes and then fell asleep. That thing is powerful!!!" she said. "I had a good night's sleep and I wasn't tired at all but it put me solidly asleep," she remarked. My mother later BOUGHT several of the CDs for people. I would have given them to her but she said she wanted God's full blessing and did not want to be disobedient so she paid the full $10 price for them. Testimonies rolled in from each person that she presented Words for Healing to. Hers was the first of many testimonies about Words for Healing. Words for Healing has a tremendously soothing effect on the mind, body and spirit. During a recent God Heals session, I noticed that our regular audio man, Antonio, was not present. He is usually early at each service and it was highly unusual for him not be at his post hovering over the sound board. I saw the church member services officer working the sound board. I figured that for once Antonio had missed service. The next day the member services officer told me that as he was locking up for the night after service, everyone had left the church and he turned and there was Antonio standing behind him. He said it scared grey into his hair. He asked Antonio where did he come from? Antonio had arrived early as usual. I had instructed him earlier to play Words for Healing as people arrived for the God He

1.1 Intro
1.2 Listen and Believe
1.3 40
1.4 Who Heals You?
1.5 Take Sickness Away
1.6 No Terrible Diseases
1.7 Blessings Overtake
1.8 Choose Health
1.9 The 91st
1.10 All of His Benefits
1.11 Delivered Destructions
1.12 I Shall Not Die!
1.13 Brokenhearted
1.14 Health to Your Flesh
1.15 By His Stripes
1.16 Restore Your Health
1.17 I Am Strong!
1.18 Not a 2nd Time
1.19 The Old
1.20 The New
1.21 That Same Hour
1.22 Go Your Way
1.23 He Healed Them All
1.24 Two Agree
1.25 An Essential Thing
1.26 They Will Lay Hands
1.27 The Good Shepherd
1.28 Know It!
1.29 Dwells in You
1.30 Bind It Now!
1.31 No Curse
1.32 The Whole Armor
1.33 The Peace of God
1.34 No Spirit of Fear
1.35 He Is Faithful
1.36 You Need Endurance
1.37 Faith Is the Substance
1.38 Past the Age
1.39 Yesterday and Today
1.40 Is Anyone Sick?
1.41 Already Healed
1.42 Love in Deed
1.43 Do You Want to Get Well?
1.44 Be in Health
1.45 Revelations
1.46 Feel It!
1.47 The 7 Affirmations
1.48 Words for Healing
1.49 I Am Strong!

Nathaniel Bronner, Jr.: Words for Healing

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