Nawang Khechog

Nawang Khechog: Tibetan Meditation Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Nawang Khechog

Artist: Nawang Khechog
Title: Tibetan Meditation Music

Tapping into the richness of Tibet's meditation tradition, Nawang Khechog has created his most relaxing album yet - wholly focused on helping you experience inner stillness. In a unique approach, Nawang de-emphasizes rhythm and uses subtle accents of vocals, bells, percussion, and Western classical instruments to enhance the calming and spacious sound of his meditative flute and Tibetan spiritual chants.

1.1 Under the Wings of Blessing
1.2 The Great Prince of Peace and Universal Compassion
1.3 Five-Peak Wisdom Mountain
1.4 A Daily Prayer and Practice of the Dalai Lama
1.5 Walking Into the Himalaya to Meditate
1.6 Infinate Love
1.7 The Great Arya Tara
1.8 Wisdom and Compassion
1.9 The Perfection of Compassion
1.10 Dagkar Taso Mila's Cave
1.11 For As Long As Space Endures

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