Ned Miller: From a Jack to a King

Ned Miller: From a Jack to a King
Title: From a Jack to a King
Label: Jasmine

The painfully-shy, self-effacing NED MILLER was perhaps the most reluctant singing star of all time - at one stage in the 60s, he even paid one of his co-writers to go onstage and pretend to be 'Ned Miller' instead of him. Essentially a songwriter who occasionally found himself obliged to cut records, Miller wrote his first million-seller, "Dark Moon", in 1956, when it became a hit for Gale Storm and Bonnie Guitar. He wrote subsequently and recorded "From A?Jack To A?King" himself in 1957, although it was unsuccessful the first time around. It was reissued in late 1962, following interest from a jukebox operator, and went on to become a massive worldwide hit, selling more than two million copies during 1963 alone. This compilation gathers together everything which Ned Miller recorded commercially between 1956-62 including major collectors' items like "Gypsy"/"With Enough Love", Spade Cooley's "Cold Grey Bars" and notably, the bizarre "Ring The Bell For Johnny"/"Girl From The Second World", on which he duets with Jan Howard. Four of these sides - i. e. two rare singles - have never previously appeared on CD.

1.1 Roll O'Rollin' Stone
1.2 Old Mother Nature and Old Father Time
1.3 From a Jack to a King
1.4 Parade of Broken Hearts
1.5 Lights in the Street
1.6 Turn Back
1.7 Gypsy
1.8 With Enough Love
1.9 Ring the Bell for Johnny
1.10 Girl from the Second World
1.11 Cold Grey Bars
1.12 My Heart Waits at the Door
1.13 Dark Moon
1.14 Go on Back You Fool
1.15 The Big Lie
1.16 Heart Without a Heartache
1.17 One Among the Many
1.18 The Man Behind the Gun
1.19 Another Fool Like Me
1.20 Magic Moon
1.21 Big Love
1.22 Sunday Morning Tears
1.23 Just Before Dawn
1.24 The Ballad of Billy Carino
1.25 Cry of the Wild Goose
1.26 Long Shadow
1.27 Mona Lisa
1.28 Stagecoach
1.29 You Belong to My Heart

Ned Miller: From a Jack to a King

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